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Florida Certified Civil Mediator

Most Florida cases must go through the mediation process before proceeding to trial. A successful mediation can save the parties the time and expense of litigation.

My name is R. Michael DeLoach and I am a Tampa Bay area civil mediator. I am certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit and County Court Mediator. In addition, I am board certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in civil trial law. If you need a mediator for a civil claim, please call my Brandon office at 813-654-3411 to make an appointment.

I have been a mediator since 1995. With my board certification in civil trial law and my extensive experience in civil litigation, I am thoroughly familiar with many areas of civil law. I can litigate or mediate cases involving:

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As a neutral third party, I can help the people involved in a dispute find a solution that works for them. Mediation can resolve disputes without the time and cost of a trial. I am also available for construction mediation work.

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