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Brandon Construction Defect Attorney Board Certified in Construction Law

A construction defect is more than an annoyance. It can also be very dangerous, and it is a problem that you need to correct immediately. Unfortunately, this often means that you will face a number of expensive repairs. However, you can take action and seek compensation for your loss.

I am R. Michael DeLoach, a Tampa Bay area construction defect attorney. I can help you with your construction defect claim. I am board certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in both construction law and civil trial law, so I have the requisite knowledge to represent you. To make an appointment, please call me at 813-654-3411 or contact me online.

Residential and Commercial Defects

Many parties involved in the construction process can make a claim, including: owners, contractors, architects, engineers and material providers. I can represent any of these parties in a construction defect claim.

Common construction defects can include:

  • Roof leak
  • Structural collapse
  • Code violations
  • House sinking
  • Settlement and cracking
  • Water intrusion

If the construction defect affects only the property, you may file a contract claim. However, if the defect causes a personal injury, you can sue for negligence. I am an experienced personal injury attorney and can represent you with either type of claim.

Sometimes construction defect disputes can be solved by construction mediation rather than litigation. I can help. I am certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit and County Court Mediator.

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